You’re Sixteen – Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr’s cover version was released as a single in the US in January 1974, the song, taken from the album Ringo, hit number one and features Paul McCartney!

McCartney is credited on the liner notes of the album Ringo as having played the solo on a kazoo. But reviewer Michael Verity has quoted the song’s producer, Richard Perry, as revealing it wasn’t actually a kazoo. “In fact, the solo on ‘You’re Sixteen,’ which sounds like a kazoo or something, was Paul singing very spontaneously as we played that track back, so he’s singing the solo on that.”In any case, Starr’s version remains one of the few #1 singles to feature a ‘kazoo-sound’ solo. Harry Nilsson sang backing vocals on the song, which was a cover.  Cover or not, it turned out to be Ringo’s 2nd #1. Never hurts to have Paul appear on your record!

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