About Classic Hit or Miss


Classic Hit or Miss was created out of pure love of classic era pop and rock music!  The original hit or miss started on a radio station in Grand Rapids Michigan, but even after I left the station, listeners kept saying how much they loved the hit or miss segment I did – and how much they missed it. The Concept was simple: I’d pick a “lost” song from back in the day, give a back story on the band and song,  play the song and open up the phones, facebook and website and everyone got to vote it the song was still a HIT or a MISS!

The feedback was astounding, witty, funny and sometimes crazy! It occurred to me there was no reason we couldn’t keep these great lost tunes coming – in some cases we hadn’t heard in a long long time. One of the great things about the hit or miss was bringing up songs that were “hits” back in the day, but have been long lost from today’s radio stations, and in many cases, just vanished period!

I focused on the the Mid 1960’s all the way up until the Hair band invasion of the late 1980’s. The amount of musical territory to be covered in those 25-30 years is ASTOUDING. So many lost songs, and so many changes in music- the treasure trove of lost tunes is almost endless!

So I figured, why not keep it going. Here we are!   Thanks for stopping in, make sure you vote, make a comment, check out the song archive, or suggest a song – and we’ll put it to the test!